RxPectability Politics: Black Patients and Medical Neglect

If Black people are going to survive modern healthcare we’re going to have to rescind some of the deference we afford practitioners and treat our medical care like what it is – a fight for our lives.


Wakanda Forever: Black Panther Was Beyond My Wildest Dreams…

… Black Panther is not a superhero movie.   It is a battle for the souls of Black folks. Ferociously attacking and digging its powerful […]


Q’s an A-hole: Ain’t Nothing Admirable About Quincy Jones’ Spite and Petty

The only way to have seen as much shit as Quincy Jones has seen is to be knee-deep in that shit. But where was he when all this scheming an lying was going on? When all the sucking and fucking was going down, where was Quincy Jones? How does he have so much dirt but emerge so clean?


On Justin Timberlake: Appropriation and Sacrificing Black Artists

JT’s problem is that he’ s fake woke. He’s got the moves down –but not “the Movement” part in sync. He can perform Blackness, but never be it . And cannot stand when people tell him he can’t have something he wants.


This Country Was Built By Enslaved Africans, Not Dreamers.

Certainly there is room for the stories of Dreamers – but the stories of Sons and Daughters of Bondage will not be cast off the shelf to make room for them. The stories of Dreamers will not overwrite the stories of those who inspired the dream and built the foundations and mooring upon which those dreams stand. Your narrative of hope is not bigger than my narrative of survival and triumph. (3.5 min. read)