Roseanne Reboot Canceled, But Not Before Reinforcing White Privilege and the Harmless, Lovable Racist

Sunday morning I woke up to my TV tuned in to TV Land. A Roseanne marathon was on. I have had no interest in checking […]


A White House: Beware “Well-Meaning” White Folks and the Higher Education System

The university system is marketed to Black students as a mecca of reprieve from the outside world wherein the ills of civil society—gratuitous state sanctioned […]


$1 and a Dream: The Philly Starbucks Settlement and the “People Problem” of Racism

“It’s not just a Black people thing. It’s a Black people thing.” After being arrested for simply standing in a Starbucks, a Black man went […]


RxPectability Politics: Black Patients and Medical Neglect

If Black people are going to survive modern healthcare we’re going to have to rescind some of the deference we afford practitioners and treat our medical care like what it is – a fight for our lives.


Wakanda Forever: Black Panther Was Beyond My Wildest Dreams…

… Black Panther is not a superhero movie.   It is a battle for the souls of Black folks. Ferociously attacking and digging its powerful […]