Ariane Andrew’s Doesn’t Like Black Guys?

Black is beautiful but, not according to Ariane Andrew’s who prefers to be a bed wench. Run your melanin!! ❤❤Thanks for stopping by ❤❤ Be sure to like➡comment ➡ subscribe We need all the voices in the black community we can get! #unity #@TharealIsis1


Darius Stewart Wanted At 13? Jordan Edwards Laid To Rest

The lies keep coming and one has to ask themselves why there is a justification for murdering our fathers, sons, brothers, husbands at all. The latest lie is that Darius Stewart was wanted in two different states at the age of 13. Jordan Edwards was laid to rest today and […]


A Day Late And A Dollar Short

My YouTube launch is finally here but no time to celebrate! Talking about Hidden Colors, Tariq Nasheed, population control and more!Catch me on Twitter @Tharealisis1


Lunch Talk 🍕


Isis 1: Big Booty Drama!

Hey YouTubers, Not sure why my camera keeps filming at a weird angle but don’t let it distract you from the message! Please feel free to comment below and thank you so much for watching! Thank you for watching. Please like, comment and subscribe for more!!!! 💕Other Places To Find […]