ZaZa Ali: Male leadership, Sisterhood, Mind & Heart Cohesion, Spirituality & More

Original Interview date July 3, 2018 w/ Joel Benjamin 528 – for upcoming lecture in Brooklyn, NY Sunday July 8, 2018. Tickets can for livestream and / or event can be purchased at – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/zaza-ali-the-science-of-self-elevating-to-higher-states-of-consciousness-tickets-45836125084


Zaza Ali on Sa Neter TV: The Science Of Self Sunday, July 8

Race, politics, immigration, sexuality, male female relationships, African vs Indigenous, culture, condition of black children, frequencies & vibration and much more. Also joined by Dr. Ali Muhammad & Bro. Garfield. Tickets for Brooklyn event at Nicholas bookstore and / or livestream can be purchased here – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/zaza-ali-the-science-of-self-elevating-to-higher-states-of-consciousness-tickets-45836125084


Black Men vs Black Women: ZaZa Ali, Boyce Watkins, Sa Neter, Cynthia G, Garfield & Akua Agusi

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ZaZa Ali Live: Cosby, Kanye, Nas & J Cole

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Al Khemi Sister Cypher ~ Overcoming Trauma & Abuse

A conversation by, for & about sisters looking to grow in confidence, spiritual maturation & consciousness. Original call date 4-18-18. To sign up for monthly Sister Cypher Conference Calls click here – http://zaza.pages.ontraport.net/conference http://www.ZaZaAli.com