I pray everyone is enjoying their Summer so far. I hope that all your endeavors are successfully completed. I wish nothing but happiness, success and great health to everyone who reads my blog… and those who don’t. Joy to the world, for real…Friday…



More Love! More Love! And More Love! My cup runneth over and my Karma’s in tact. I had a turbulent wave of adversity hit me but i surfed the waves and survived the STORM! Like any resilient Aquarian would do!Friday the 13th, was a trying day for me. Us…



I pray everyone had a happy, healthy, harmonious and hilarious Mothers Day! To all my good parents out there putting that work in, Men, Women, Mentors, Teachers, Seifus, Adoptives, I salute you all! Thank you for being that beacon of hope, direction and inspiration to our youth. I have nothing but contempt for people who give birth or plant seeds and don’t take the time to raise, nurture, teach or train their offspring and use their children as pawns in parental head and heart games that will only hurt the child in the end.

Mines 1994

Salute to all the children who have lost a parent. Keep the knowledge they gave you and remember the great times you had with them. Remember all that they taught you and how much love and respect you had for them, then and now. And always try to exceed what they’ve given you when it comes to your own children. A great parent always puts their children’s needs first, with the understanding that they as parents have to still take care of number one – self. If you’re not 100%, how can you give 100% to your child? (*GLAM MAMA OBSERVATIONS!)

So my Mother’s Day was spent running over to Greenwich Village for the Larry Levan Way Block Party! Yes! It was so DOPE! Mad people! Mad Love! Great Music! Live Performances! Long Ass Lines to wait on…. But it was worth it! I told everybody I knew to get there around noon. I got there at 3 and got in at 4:20. The line was incredible and I found out later that the same 2 block line I was standing on Varick St was on the opposite side of the party on Hudson St. There were still over 3,000 people waiting on line to get in when it ended an hour early. 22,000 came out to party!

The Line…

I saw crazy House Family! Leesah, Denyse, Marz, DJ Kim Lightfoot, Mama Ruby, Taimak (Yes! The Last Dragon and he still looks good!), Marianne and her honey, Krystine, Aneka, Chuckie, Rome,
Ejoe, Kwikstep, Tiff, Brian, Tara, DJ Rubi R-Tres, Mahazi, DJ Delmar Browne, DJ Lil Louie Vega, and DJ Evil Dee

The weather was just right for a massive block party! Even though they ended an hour early, due to the influx of late people and the line getting bigger and more out of control, people still hung out at least another hour or two to talk and mingle and catch up with heads they normally wouldn’t see. They need to do this every year on Larry Levan Way but they need to secure 2 more blocks. There are too many of us House Heads in the NYC alone, that didn’t come out. But there will never be a party like the first one. It was historic and I’m so glad I made it!

So after months of M.I.A. status at the Park Slope Food Coop, I’m back in, doing my shifts. I owe several make ups but that can be handled. I actually covered for someone else’s shift on the 14th, so I would be free on the 21st to prepare for the Memorial Day Mix Master Weekend and Bearthday Party for Da BeatMinerz. And THANK YOU Mr. Walt, Cynical and Evil Dee for giving me the position of Official Blogger for BeatMinerz Radio. Have you checked out the new website? DO IT!!  www.beatminerzradio.com. The site is DOPE and there are great shows on everyday of the week!

A barrage of parties were going down but I could not stop my workload from increasing, so I had to fall back. I appreciate the fact that my plate is full and I’m thankful for all new adventures set before me, but I know I have work to do. I can dance after the work is done. Right now, I’ll dance in the privacy of my own home and accomplish small but significant milestones. 🙂 

For instance, I went to court on May 15th about this fuckery implemented by my landlord. They are suing me for non payment of rent from last summer. They want the rent I didn’t pay when they didn’t provide me with a kitchen sink for 3 months. We argued both sides in the court and the judge asked if I wanted to go to trial. So I’m the “Legal Ass Kicker” until June 9th… I get out of court on Monday with the win…by default. These assholes, again, didn’t show.  But if I don’t return to court when summoned, they win and I have to pay or get out. I must say, I’m tired and this will be rectified soon… 

I can’t get anymore physical therapy on my knees because my hospital, Long Island College Hospital, will be shut down as of May 22 and I have no way to get an appointment for a new referral from my orthopedist before that date. I located my orthopedist last week but I don’t really need physical therapy on my knees anymore. Since I’ve been going to the gym, I feel much better and so do my legs. But according to the MRI taken of my left knee in April, my meniscus and ACL tears have worsened. I’m not having a 2nd surgery on my left knee! They messed up my knee with the 1st surgery in 2004. 

*NOTE: If you ever have a meniscus tear in either knee, before you get surgery, see if you can get physical therapy. I had a meniscus tear in both knees due to a car accident. I had arthoscopic surgery on my left knee in 2004.  I had to go to physical therapy to recover functionality of my left knee. But while I was strengthening my left knee, my right knee got better and I didn’t need arthoscopic surgery on my right knee, which was scheduled 4 months after the left knee operation. Since that surgery, I’ve always had problems with my left knee. These doctors get PAID when they have to perform surgery. Take care of yourself! Learn your body! Always do research!

Friday, there was a going away party for Brooklyn Stable famalam, Jay, at Hope Garage. It was a nice send off! Good Luck, man!
J and E
Evil and Tommy
The next day I went record window shopping! I had no money, but it never hurts to know where the spots are to get the gems, later. I spent a couple of hours in a dusty spot filled with shelves of twelve inches and milk crates of 45s. I’ll be back! I was blessed with lunch and some sleeves for my 45s collection at home. Thank you, Baby! 

Had a great day and spent my evening cleaning about 300 45’s. Phukken Awesome!

I stayed home on Thursday, the first day of Da BeatMinerz Mix Master Weekend because the home-front deserved my attention. So Friday, the 23rd, I came through to BMZ Radio and met up with the family and chilled. I wasn’t there for long before my cup was filled. 

2/3 of Da Gully Team: Pearl Harba and DJ Redboy
Me and Cyn, chillin… Too many good years!
Mr Walt and DJ Snatch 1

Saturday, May 24th, was DJ Evil Dee’s bearthday! The third day of the Memorial Mix Master Weekend is more appropriately referred to as “The GullyGal Takeover”! Carmen brought homemade empanadas, Kimmy bought cupcakes and Presecco, Terri bought a steak and chicken lunch from a local restaurant and we had a ball. The line up for the day’s musical greatness was DJ Nina Azucar, DJ Soundwave and DJ Will Gates. They all rocked and we all had cupcakes! /

GullyGal Roll Call: Kimmy, Terri Berrie,
Nina Azucar, The Carmen B and The Mama Wize
Che and DJ Soundwave enjoying their cupcakes
Henna done by my dawtah, Tajh! 
GullyGals support Balance products… Thank you!
DJ Will Gates and Che, chillin…
Happy Bearthday, E!

Sunday, the 25th, was the last incredible day of Mix Master Weekend. DJ Primetime started the set at noon to 2pm, DJ DP One rocked from 2pm to 4pm and DJ Evil Dee closed the weekend out by 6pm. We had a good time chilling at BMZ HQ, talking, vibing, and Finsta blessed me with 2 Finsta Bundy singles. Since I’m growing my vinyl collection, it’s necessary for me to have my people’s music in it. And I will be calling all my people that have vinyl to spread the love my way, so get ready! You know who you are! LOL

Me with Bushwick Radio Personalities
PrimeTime and Finsta

Da Gully Hosts, Terri P. and Gpos
Me and My Brother DJ DP One
Gpos and his Gully Kids, all on their phones
I almost got a smile out of Gpos! 
Still… So Brooklyn!
Later, Sunday evening, was the 14th Annual Beatminerz Birthday Party at Sutra! It was packed full of people and overflowing with love for these talented brothers! Friends, family, fun and nothing but beautiful women celebrating another year of Da Beatminerz!

The Mama Wize * Finsta * Pri The Honey Dark
GullyGals: Terri * Kimmy * Nina * Carmen
Support Systems: Salima * Vanessa * Chanell
Raven * DJ Evil Dee * The Mama Wize
Family: Afeni and Finsta

The Mama Wize and Talia Levy… chillin
Social Media Mogul Chevon and Me
Crazy DJ Bazarro and Terri Berrie

Me and the Ambassador, Mr. Bito
GullySistas4Life: The Carmen B and The Mama Wize
SALUTE! Me and Playalot
All shapes and sizes, GullyGals look Great!
Underground Hip Hop Family since the early 90s:
DJ Evil Dee * Pri The Honey Dark * The Mama Wize

DJ Evil Dee * Brother Ron * Mr Walt
(You have to follow Mr Walt to catch him in a picture. I did but you’ll have to check Da Beatminerzradio Blog for the flix I got!)

The celebration was still going on the next day for Mobile Mondays at Bowery Electric featuring who else… Da Beatminerz! 

Good Friends Came Out! That’s What’s Up!
I’ve been to Bowery Electric a few times and never noticed that there was a downstairs. I couldn’t remember the old club it used to be until I went downstairs… Remote Lounge! (That was the spot with the Internet, where you could meet people on the other side of the room online and leave messages and rendezvous at the bar – hilarious but it was going down in there! I had so much fun at that spot.) I get inside and see old friends. I had to get a picture of the ladies who DJ…

DJs Erika B, Carol C and Natasha Diggs
DJ Natasha Diggs… Diggin
Mr Walt truly set it off!
DJs Natasha Diggs, Mr Walt, Evil Dee and Just Blaze lit the spot up. The classic 45s they played had me singing… with these guys…

Evil Dee is on the mix… you know the rest…
Mr Walt and DJ DP One with an overseas friend
GullyGal Salute
Karniege and Me Photo Bombin

I took pictures, footage and danced my ass off in the small area I had access to near the DJ booth. Even Bazarro shouted me out! LOL I always dance when good music is played and Da Beatminerz have never let me down. If there’s no room, real dancers make room! Please believe this: Crazy DJ Bazarro is the ultimate hype man, comedian and host!

May The Force B With Us, Me and Jarobi!
The end of the night chillin:
Monsta Rock * Just Blaze * Evil Dee
In the midst of the night, there was a brother shooting video. Come to find, he OWES me and Cynical mad footage. The situation was handled by scheduling a sit down after the party. He snuck out. We will see him again, though. He knows where to find us and he should man up about what he owes, give it up and apologize. We ended the night with great conversation about 45s, old dance spots, and music. 

Love My Purple!

I saw Mumma Lioness and Nina Azucar tear up the spot at Splitty’s on May 30th. They kept me feeling good with Hip Hop, Reggae, House and Classics alongside DJ Mystery. Splitty’s was live on Friday! So live, I lost one of my new Silver hoops there but Lioness assured me the next day that the bartender found it. 

SoulJah Sunday DJs
Mumma Lioness and Jah Beanz
DJ Mystery on the wheels
Beer and a Shot for $5? Word? 
Mumma Lioness and DJ Eric L Beats
The Mama Wize * DJ Mumma Lioness
* DJ Nina Azucar
Coming soon…

June 21st from 6pm – 9pm @ Cherry’s Unisex Salon
1449 Fulton St BKNY 11216 

June 22nd 7pm – 1am @ Louie and Chan 303 Broome St
w/ DJs Kervyn Mark, David Shaw, C-Boogie and Josh Milan

Hosted by The Bronx Über Villain & TastyKeish
Music: DJ BooshWheelz
Live Art by: Marthalicia
Concert Feature(s):
Negros Americanos 
Door Opens at 9PM
$10 ONLINE / $12 At the door 
Mic Open Lottery sign-up begins… 9PM 
Mic Open starts 10PM SHARP.
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Peace, Blessings, Guidance, Love, Respect and Power!


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