Meet Chilean Rapper Anita Tijoux :1977 and Beyond-Sxsw in Effect

This year at SxSW, Chilean rapper Anita Tijoux was the talk of the town. She’s considered a pioneer in her native country where’s she’s honed her craft. Chile has one of the largest Hip Hop scenes in all of Latin America and Anita is one of the country’s stars.

In this interview we talk to her about the current state of the country in the aftermath of the earthquake. We talk to her about the current music scene and her influences. She tells about Busta Rhymes recent visit to the country.

We get a chance to see Ms Tijoux wreck shop on the mic

Interview w/ Cindy Campbell (Kool Herc’s Sister) -The first Hip Hop party 1520 sedgewick Ave

We caught up w/ Cindy Campbell who we consider to be the first lady of Hip Hop. We talked to her about the work she’s done on behalf of her brother Hip Hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc. We talk to her about what took place August 11 1973 at 1520 Sedgwick Ave which was home to the first Hip Hop party.

Cindy explains that the party started out as a fundraiser for her to get some school clothes. She talked about how they actually had Old E 800 and Colt 45 being sold there and how it was a 25 cent for women and 50 cent for guys.. They made 500 bucks

She also explained how she herself brought slow jam records for her brother to spin..

Cindy also talks about other deals she’s done for her brother including how she talked Harry belafonte into making sure Herc’s character was positive in the movie Beat Street.

Stop the Violence-pt6: Elaine Brown Speaks about Black-Brown Violence

Former Black Panther chair Elaine Brown addressed the packed house for the Stop the Violence panel to talk about how the state places violence on us and we respond by turning on each other. She also talks about Black-Brown violence and lets us know how this has been orchestrated by the police and other law enforcement outlets that deliberately do things to ratch up tensions.. She offers the solution that the Black Panthers, Young Lords and Brown berets used to come together…

Elaine Brown: Cointel-Pro, Gangs, the Black Panthers & Freeing political prisoner Chip Fitzgerald

we caught up to former Black Panther Party chair Elaine Brown who spoke to us outside of 330 Ritche in San Francisco… She talked to us about political prisoner Chip Fitzgerald a Black Panther who has served 40 years in jail..stemming from an incident in which he defended himself from LA police.

Elaine explains the widespread influence of the Black Panthers and how they impacted the early gangs in both New York and LA leading up to the birth of Hip Hop. She explained that those early gangs had a revolutionary outlet that made them targets bby the police who sought to ‘neutralize’ them.

Brown talks to us about Cointel-Pro the counter intelligence program set up by the FBI and J Edger Hoover and how it was used to destroy liberation groups.