Our Hair Has a Mind of Its Own: CORNROWS

Our Hair Has a Mind of Its Own: CORNROWS

Executive Producer, Nana Camille Yarborough

Over 5,000 years of TRADITION!

“Our Hair Has a Mind of Its Own: CORNROWS”

A One Hour Docudrama, currently in production,

Executive Produced by Nana Camille Yarbrough of Ancestor House Productions

34 years ago Nana Camille Yarbrough wrote a book called “Cornrows,” a Coretta Scott King Award Winner. Today it is just as necessary and important now as it was then. Cornrows is a story about our people, our culture, our family, and our heritage. Now, Nana Camille Yarbrough is taking Cornrows to the big screen with the production of a one hour docudrama that takes the viewers on a journey from America to Africa, the Motherland and back again.

The Cornrows story is about courage, honor, wisdom, family, love, and respect.


Our goal is to raise AT LEAST $100,000 in 45 days in order to complete this one-hour docudrama.

$100,000 is our minimum goal and we’re aiming to surpass that amount!! Once we reach that goal, please keep spreading the word and giving anything you can. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!

Independent filmmaking is an uphill battle for most who seek to accept the challenge. Telling the complex stories of our people takes community support! We’re asking you to join us in this mission.


Hire an award-winning roster of actors to help bring the docudrama to life
Bring in a highly skilled and veteran production crew
Operational and administrative costs
Rent the lens and lighting kit for our production
Cover the cost of mixing the Cornrows soundtrack
Cover the cost of post production services (including editing, GFX Titling, etc.)
Publicity, marketing, and community outreach
FOOD! We respect our cast and crew! Help us to feed them on set!
We want to tell this important story but we can’t do it without YOU!

Outstanding production quality and compelling stories that spark much needed dialogue is OUR PROMISE to each and every one of you who contributes to and supports this campaign!

Thank you for your time and donation.

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