All gyrl, all the time!

For all those who are tired of tinkering with the machine and believe that truly transformative change is required if we are ever going to build an inclusive, multi-racial, multi-ethnic democracy that truly values all of us (and yet wonder how in the world we might go about building a movement that could actually achieve the scale of change required), this book is for you. It’s a virtual tool box — a highly engaging introduction to many of the strategies, tactics and methodologies for nonviolent, revolutionary change that have been employed in the United States and around the world with surprising results. The greatest lie told to the American people today is that we really have no power to change things, that the most we can do is vote for the lesser evil and keep our chin up. Yet history teaches the opposite is true. Warning: This book does not offer something we desperately need — a coherent philosophy regarding our ultimate goal, the world we aim to create. But if you’d like to be introduced to some of the strategies and tactics that ordinary people have successfully employed around the world to achieve non-violent, revolutionary change in their communities, pick up this book. We have vastly more power than our political parties or the mainstream media would have us believe.