Introspective to how we got where we are

Jyarland Daniels summed up another reason I don’t do the Obamas,<br><br>”What this narrative says is, “This is what we are supposed to do: handle racism silently with ‘dignity’ and ‘When they go low we go high.'” It says we are SUPPOSED to suffer and it is a reflection of our character. Nah. We don’t intentionally subject any other human being to suffering looking to “see what they are made of.” I guess torturers do that…and it’s that’s who you think is a good model to follow, then…<br>That’s fine if Michelle and others feel like that’s how they role. But understand that that is not what some of us choose to do. There are no medals handed out for ‘enduring’ (the articles word, not mine) white people’s bullshit. None!<br><br>The media is telling us that if we DON’T do this (like Michelle) then there is something wrong with US and not the system of racism. What? Really??<br><br>That doesn’t work for me.”<br><br>What Michelle Obama is demonstrating isn’t leadership or taking a stand.. It is not only conditioning our people to cower, it is teaching them to take pride in doing so. Unfortunately that is her legacy.