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This doesn’t make sense… if she’s a billionaire why would she sell majority interest of OWN to Discovery or anyone for $70 million? $70 million is not a lot… for a television network that has cable presence, is on the dish, etc, has original programming and several digital properties. Let me put this in perspective. Diddy made more than $70 last year. Ray J just got a $30 million investor. Ray J. Studios pay more than $70 million to produce one movie.<br><br>And miss me with the ‘she’s tired’… she could retire or step down and let others run it. This only makes sense if she’s not a billionaire. This is not a billionaire move.

Celebrity worship is very real… people will twist themselves in knots trying to justify or minimize the actions of their fav celebs… how do you cape for a man who had his pregnant girlfriend murdered to keep from paying child support? Rae Carruth may have done time, but that doesn’t mean he earned redemption…. and for whatever reason this interim associate editor on the Charlotte Observer editorial board decided now, in the middle of the country going through an epic sexual abuse and violence against women scandal is a good time to throw Carruth’s name in the conversation. <br><br>Can’t make this shit up…

And this one from September… <br><br>”This is about much more than “values” and loss of political innocence, though liberals continue to intentionally frame it that way; this is about strategic, institutional, violent oppression that continues to decimate entire communities.”<br><br>”It is no longer enough to trot out black faces with white politics and call it progress.<br><br>It is no longer enough to prop up black women in placebo positions of power while the same vulture capitalists hold the purse strings and the same black-robe-wearing white supremacists on the bench hold the prison-door keys.”<br><br>It was never enough, but not being enough still isn’t enough for black female leadership to leave the party. Not one has left.