Introspective to how we got where we are

Video – I chose the song “shook ones ” by <br>MOBB DEEP for the very first SOUL TRAIN AWARDS’ SOUL CIPHER in 2015 for obvious reasons. . . I’m a b-girl. <br>One of my first shows in my music career was opening up for Mobb Deep in Dallas, Texas at a club called Dread n Irie with my cousin FREE. Earlier that year at SXSW, it was Tammy Cobbs, then Mobb Deep’s manager, who passed the demo tape , now none as Baduizm, on to Kedar Massenburgh -who later became president of Motown after signing me. The connection is DEEP.<br><br>REST IN BEATS PRODIGY 🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️<br><br>