Lauryn Does Nina!

Lauryn Hill covers “Feeling Good” of Nina Simone for the NETFLIX documentary and for her LP, “Nina Revisited”

“Here is a snippet of I’ve Got Life, soon to be released on …

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On the Charleston Shooting Aftermath

I’m hearing a lot of stuff after this mess happened. People are trying to play ally as if they actually cared. Here’s what I have to say about it:

For those who say that “we’re all human” and “we’re all equal” rhetoric:

If we’re so “equal” and “human” why do we get killed because of racist people? Why do we have to deal with racist tendencies just for existing? Why do you think WE (Black people) are the ones who have to “confront racism” when we aren’t the ones acting like damn fools whenever Black people dare to fuck up their lily White atmospheres at any given moment in time? Why do you tell Black people to practice love, throw out some bible verse, or start talking about praying in order to quell or scare, or silence our grievances?

Confronting racism is White people’s work. Not Black people’s.
Black people: Stop trying to side with these liberal fools. They’ll turn on you and smile as they do it. Pay attention and watch how they move.

White people (and any folks who fit) : Stop asking Black people about how to confront racism. After all, we aren’t the ones dishing it out.

PSA: to all White people who feel slighted by what I just said:
Racists are using you as a target to hide behind. Are you willing to let them do that to you in order to hold on to your job, your money, your friends, your family, your so called livelihood? Because that’s what you’re doing.

Let this be known. I have had a lot of practice in losing. I lost family when I was very small. I lost family just because I was born.
I know what it’s like to be truly alone in this world. I’m not talking about being around friends/family, etc and feeling lonely.
I’m talking being completely solitary. I’m talking about not talking to people I lived with for years at a time. I’m talking about not talking to people even though we shared a room, clothes and a bed.
I’m talking about going to school and not saying shit the entire day. For weeks at a time. I’m talking about walking the halls while muting out all sounds just to fight back tears. And then going home and not saying shit to anybody unless they say something to me first. And doing the same thing while working. I did that for eleven years back to back, starting from aged 6.

So if I could face the world while dealing with all of what I dealt with (without going into too much detail) , then you could stand to walk using your own two feet without standing on the backs of other people. You can be accountable without throwing other people under the bus and coming up with elaborate excuses to justify shitty behavior by people who look like you.

But I’m wasting time writing this because whenever Black people talk, we’re just talking niggers to these people. That’s why if we speak “proper” (which really translates to above fifth grade American English), it’s noted that we “speak so well”, but nothing actually sinks into the mind of the person we’re “speaking at”. If we’re eloquent, THEN we’re “articulate and smart” but still, nothing sinks in. If we offer suggestions or ask questions while at work, we’re contrarians and we aren’t team players because nothing sinks in.

White people, fix your shit. It isn’t up to Black people to do that. That’s YOUR fucking house. This ain’t “The Help” nor is it “The Butler”. I’m not here for making you feel all warm and fuzzy. Seek that out in your partner. I’m not here to mentally jack you off, nor do I seek that in you.

This will be the only post I will make regarding this sort of thing in regards to White people and their peculiarities when it comes to dealing with Black people.

And American media needs to stop asking Black people to speak on what to do about racism. They’re the spin doctors of this shit. How about stop spreading the ‪‎fuckery‬?! That’s a basic ass solution. Stop asking Black people to play Blues Clues with your grown ig’nant asses.

America goes full retard all day, every day.
And anybody who wants to focus on feeling hurt after reading this can GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT.

Ole cowardly, non executive decision making asses. [/rant]

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Rachael Dolezal, I know why you lied.

I’ve been mulling this thing over in my head. For those who have been following my blog, please view the previous one titled “The ‘Race is a Social Construct’ Movement” for further details.

I asked myself why would somebody want to do this. Who would take the time to be that dedicated to a full blown lie to the point of lying about hate crimes?

Now, I saw the wedding picture of her with her Black husband, so I had to ask more questions: What would cause her to make that transformation because apparently it happened after she was with her husband. But then again, there was a divorce in question that took place according to her story in The Easterner . I’d like to bring her timeline of events into question here. According to that article, the following happened to her:

In 1996, she moved to Jackson, Mississippi, to pursue a four-year degree in art with a full ride scholarship.

She met her now ex-husband and afterward moved to Washington D.C.  in 1999 where they married.
‘Doležal furthered her education in the fine arts at Howard University, graduating with a master’s degree.’ She began painting and made a living from it.

Anecdotal evidence supported that she had been raped during the time she was painting:

“One of Doležal’s paintings was at a convention center in San Francisco, where her and a trusted mentor went out to dinner together to celebrate the sale. As soon as Doležal looked away, the mentor slipped gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, also called the “date-rape drug,” into her drink. According to Doležal, her mentor took advantage of her that night. She said suing was nearly impossible due to the amount of wealth the man had. “I can never trust anyone to bring me a drink again, you know, because it was a trusted person,” she said.”

After graduating from Howard University, Doležal and her husband moved to Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, where she gave birth to their baby boy named Franklin.

In 2003, her family moved to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where her relationship with her husband became unhealthy.

Anecdotal evidence supported that she had been in an abusive relationship with him:

“According to Doležal, her ex-husband was abusive to her and even their son. At two years old, little Franklin would intervene between Doležal and her ex-husbands violence and “he would sometimes get thrown across the room,” she said. She made the decision for her and the protection of her son to divorce her husband in 2004.

The article further states:

“In 2006, Doležal developed cervical cancer. During chemotherapy, she decided to keep her incredibly long, blonde dreadlocks she had had and still puts them on today. She was considered cured in 2008.”

“In Idaho, Doležal took on the role as director of the Human Rights Institute, where North Idaho white supremacy groups burglarized every home she and her son lived in. Doležal said she believes the white supremacy groups felt threatened by female power. According to Doležal, they hung nooses in her home, vandalized and stole from her property, directed death threats toward her along with threatening to kidnap Franklin while he was in the second grade. She reported all of these acts to the police and each was admitted into police records as hate crimes, yet the culprits were never caught. Doležal moved from home to home and everywhere she moved, they followed. The hate crimes finally ended when she moved to Spokane in 2012.”

But then the hole gets deeper in a different article: She was able to establish herself in the BlackLivesMatter movement.

Now something about her story doesn’t wash with me. She said she moved to Idaho with her ex husband. Where is this child named Franklin? Who is her ex husband? What are his whereabouts? Where are the domestic violence police reports? Where is the lawsuit for the man who raped her when she was making a living on her paintings? Does she have any paperwork on this since it was nearly impossible to sue him? Where are her test results that showed she developed cervical cancer and was cured?  Where is her diploma? Are there any records that she even attended Howard University and taught any classes related to the African American experience? Where is her yearbook photo? What accomplishments has she made in Spokane? Did her Black husband know about her fabricating the hate crimes? What was she like in her Montana hometown? 

Now people will say  maybe it was a grand exercise of self hate, and will attempt to link her to various rap artists. Rachael Dolezal’s case is not like that because everybody knew the artists were White.

And for those who will say otherwise need to GET ALL THE WAY THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT. Here’s why

Those artists didn’t attempt to put Blackness on as a costume and take it to the extreme where she created an entire identity by using very harmful lies. The attempt to gloss over those lies is a calculated attempt to say they were harmless. She will ruin lives by lying about being raped. She lied about being beaten by her ex husband. She fabricated hate crimes in order to keep up the lie.

She’s digging in as far as she can to the point where she’s calling people racist for not allowing her to continue with her delusion.

Some people will say she’s mentally ill, and shrug it off as mental illness without exploring the troublesome nature of this situation.

But it looks like,all of this is something used to fool White people into believing that all a person has to do is pretend to be Black in order to “get anywhere”, and that racism is fake.

That sentiment doesn’t surprise me. In fact, that’s what racists want you to think. So here we have a White woman from Northern Idaho who left her hometown in order to create a new life. She came from the same town where the Aryan Nation Headquarters was once located. She moved to Spokane, a city known for its racism. In fact, the biggest movement in Spokane is the Northwest Front, which describes itself as a “political organization of Aryan men and women in the United States and Canada, of all ages and social backgrounds, who recognize that an independent and sovereign White nation in the Pacific Northwest is the only possibility for the survival of the White race on this continent.”

Could this be the reason why Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, who was outed for housing discrimination in Los Angeles was given a Lifetime achievement award, even though the person who gave it to him has resigned over the fallout?  Could this really be the motive behind what she was doing? Did she really “play the race card” by crying rape, domestic abuse, and by dressing up as Black in order to gain “access” to alleged privileges? But then again, I’m not surprised. The race card was placed in the deck to be played by people in order to keep other people “in their place”. If they could disguise themselves as a leader of an organization, take the history of said organization, use it against the people they want to keep ‘in their place’ only to “rise” as an advocate in order to “fight” against the establishment that created the race card in the first place, making for the ultimate “Fuck You!” towards an undesired group of people would be a racist dream of epic proportions. I mean, after all, they seem to really enjoy propping Black people up in order to throw them under the bus, as well as using their own conservative media heads to do so, so I wouldn’t put it past them to hide as a Black person in order to maintain the idea.

Personally, I think that’s what she represents, and could be what she had in mind. Here’s why:

Doing so will not only discredit the people who are fighting against the laws, policies, and institutions that are invested in the race card, but it would also erase their validity, their concerns, and their history.

Many people have tried to occupy Black spaces and they chose to do so by any means necessary. Some of the easiest ways to do so are by trolling pages geared toward Black issues,and the online personal profiles belonging to Black individuals. They will use their own online profiles to do so and will also create fake Black profiles in order to win arguments surrounding racial issues. Black memes get created in order to sully their image, poke fun, or engage in racist spew. They even go so far as to make fake facebook pages geared towards it, and fudging racial statics. Another thing that stood out was this:
“The city of Spokane is also investigating whether Dolezal misidentified her race in an application to the
 Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, on which she serves. Dolezal said she had several ethnic origins on the application, including white, black and American Indian.”

People will say, “Maybe she’s just crazy.” Sure,I believe that. Because what kind of person would lie like that in order to try to prove her existence is not an illusion? She’s just trying to preserve her status, and I really don’t think she wants to preserve the Black one because if she did, she would have tried to fight injustice while remaining White the entire time.

It just goes to show you:

Believing in the legend of White Supremacy will make a person do strange things.

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