ZaZa Ali Speaks On The Rise Of Consciousness, Self Hate, Colorism, Abortion & The Homosexual Agenda

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ZaZa Ali & Boyce Watkins: Working for the system that oppresses you

Topics discussed – Working for the system that oppresses you, black celebrities, black greatness and Barack Obama. Please subscribe! Facebook @ZaZa Ali Twitter @ZaZaAli_7 IG @ZaZa_Ali78


ZaZa Ali: The Commercialization of Consciousness pt 1

Part 1 – #BlackLivesMatter – In this highly politically and racially charged climate, I think it’s time to take a good, hard look at Black Lives Matter, to study what they’ve done right, be mindful of what they’re doing wrong, and make sure that this organization is representing what is in our best interest. We’re either in control or being controlled…. Make sure you subscribe! Facebook @ZaZa Ali Twitter @ZaZaAli_7 IG @ZaZa_Ali78


ZaZa Ali: Jacksonville, FL July 17th

First event is for girls age 13-17 years of age, free admission – Highlands Branch Library, 1-3pm. Second event is at Maceo Elk’s Lounge, meet and greet 4-5pm then I’ll be speaking afterwards. Call 904-800-5641 for more info or go to my website www.ZaZaAli.com and go to the events page. Peace!