50 Shades of Black: Understanding Diversity’s Impact On The Future Of Travel

The black traveler is the industry Cinderalla story of 2015. Although just rising to the mainstream consciousness with articles in the Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. Black travel is nothing new – but what’s so different? Brands are beginning to take notice, the community is taking charge of it’s image, and smart destinations are beginning to cater to this “new” audience.

Bringing together some of the leading voices in #brandingblacktravel, the panel will address the following:

How can brands connect with travelers of color?

What are some of the similarities between millennial black travelers and mainstream millenials?

Where are the nuances in the black travel community?

How is social media impacting the visibility of black travelers?

What are some of the issues still facing the black travel community?

What are the nuances within the black travel space?

What can the “traditional” travel industry learn from the recent success of online black travel communities?

Who “owns” the message around the black traveler brand?

What are the top destinations for black travelers?

What are some of the trends among black travelers?

Moderator: Cherae Robinson

Panelists: Isoul Harris, Evita Robinson, Zim Ugochukwu